Thursday, April 7, 2011

Take Care Charity Night Update

Just a reminder!! Take Care Charity Night will be Saturday, April 9th 8pm - Midnight. Come join us for a great evening of Entertainment, Food, Lucky Draws and help out this worthy Charity!

Here is an updated list of contributing Friends of TAKE CARE!!

MIG Insurance Company who have underwritten the B-Boyz event.

Donors of Lucky Draw prizes include, fine dining establishments such as Bruno's, Rich Man Poor Man, Cafe Le Mar, Volterra, and Up 2 U. Guest houses including Casa Bella and Sansuk. And the bars CU, Cupidol, David, Famous Bar, Good Boys, Krazy Dragon, Kawaii, Nice Boys, Mic My, Oud, Sawatdee, Uniform Bar, X Boys, Yaya, Question Mark, The Venue, Three Zone, Smorn, What Else and Pattaya Sports Clinic.