Friday, December 30, 2011

The Friday Night Live Music & Free Buffet returns to Ganymede Resort & Spa for a second season starting Friday, January 6th from 6:30 - 8pm.

Join them every Friday Night for great music and their complimentary Buffet!

Monday, December 26, 2011

International Fireworks Competition - Dec 16 & 17th

All photos courtesy of Tom Fletcher.

Photos taken from Bali Hai Pier of the recent International Fireworks Competition held in honor of  the King's Birthday (Dec 5th). The two night event took place Dec 16 & 17 on Pattaya Beach. 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Jomtien Christmas

The Question Mark Bar was definitely the place to be in Jomtien Beach on Christmas Eve!  There was plenty of music, a visit by Santa and lots and lots of presents.

Don't miss their next party on New Years Day starting at 7:30 pm.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Question Mark Bar New Years Day Party

It that time again!

The Question Mark Bar will hold their annual New Years Day Party starting at 7:30pm on January 1st, 2012.

There will be food and entertainment, of course. Join Peky, Norman and the Boys as they celebrate the New Year!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dolce Vita 3rd Anniversary Party

dolce vita Bar celebrated their 3rd anniversary on December 20th. A large crowd was on hand to enjoy the music, food and festivities!

The new Ganymede Hotel is scheduled to open Dec 24th, Christmas Eve. As a special Grand Opening promotion, all rooms (excluding Suites) are available for only 1200 Baht a night through January 31st, 2012.

Long stay rates are available too!

Book now to enjoy the newest Gay Resort Resort Hotel in Thailand. Email For more information or visit the Official Ganymede Website for details.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dolce Vita 3rd Anniversary Party Dec 20th

Dolce Vita will celebrate their 3rd Anniversary this coming Tuesday Evening, December 20th with a 195 Baht Buffet Dinner and Show with Dancing Boys and special Guest Stars.

Come join the celebration here in the heart of exciting Jomtien Complex.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Take Care Fundraiser @ Bistro Oscar

Join the fun Tuesday, December 20, 2011 as TAKE CARE holds a fundraiser dinner at Bistro Oscar - the new fusion restaurant at Poseidon Hotel in Jomtien Complex.

The 499 Baht admission includes a 3 Course Dinne, entertainment by the B-Boyz, lucky draw with lots of great prizes and much more!

The dinner is a fundraising project to benefit TAKE CARE, a volunteer organization which distributes SAFER SEX PACKETS throughout Pattaya.

Dinner is served at 7:30 pm, Reservations advised. Call or text Bob at 085-431-9316 (4 - 9pm)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ganymede Names New Manager

Ganymede Resort & Spa officially named their new Manager on Monday, Nov 20th, 2011.

Ganymede Names New Manager

Ward De Meulder, Belgian national, born 1974, studied communications at university in Antwerp, specializing in tourism.

He has spent most of his life working in Tourism and Hospitality industry, e.g. as travel agent, hotel director, excursions provider, bar and coffee shop manager.

Ward has lived in Spain, Scotland and Thailand and has a passion for languages. He speaks Dutch, French, German, Spanish and English fluently.

When not at work, he enjoys kayaking, tennis, gym and ice cold beers. Ward married 4 years ago in Spain to Andres and they are living happily ever after.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Flood, Sweat & Beers

While the worst of the flooding in Thailand appears to be slowly receding, it has left the tourism industry scrambling to entice visitors back to the Land of Smiles.

News coverage around the world has caused the number of visitors arriving at Suvarnabhumi Airport to drop 25% according to the airport's acting director Somchai Sawasdipol.

Shortages of stock of store shelves due to the flood interrupting manufacturing and deliveries are reported throughout Thailand. While many of those initial shortages have been alleviated, the one everyone will remember years from now is the Great Beer Shortage of 2011.

Beverage-makers have been allocating more working resources to producing bottled drinking water, which is in great demand from flood-hit areas but have also committed to improving the beer shortage significantly within a month, when the flood water has receded and their logistics systems are back to normal.

Beer availability seems to be hit & miss depending what shop you enter. Some brands are available (at inflated prices) while others are nowhere to be found.

Bar owners are doing their best to keep the shelves stocked but have been hit with price increases of 30% or more. Hopefully this will come back down along with the water levels.

With the rainy season over, the hot, sunny days make the demand for a "cold one" even more pressing.

Thailand will recover from this. There are things we can all do to help.

If you are a tourist, visit Thailand and enjoy the warm, hospitality the kingdom has to offer. This will help the economy greatly.

When you go out, be aware there may be times when your favorite beverage might be in short supply. Please be patient and use this as an opportunity to try another beverage,,,you might like it!

Whether you live here or only visit, consider donating to the flood relief effort.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Loy Krathong - Festival of Lights

Note: Loy Krathong is Thursday, November 10th

In Thailand, the word "sanuk" means to have fun. Throughout the year there are many celebrations and festivals but none more magical than Loy Krathong.

Loi" means "to float" and a "krathong" is traditionally made from a section of banana tree trunk. During the night of the full moon of the twelfth lunar month, Thais will float their krathongs on a river, canal or a lake.

The Loy Kratong ritual is a simple one - you need only to light the candles and the joss sticks, make one's wishes and let it float away with the current of a river or a canal. Many people also add a few small coins, a lock of hair or fingernail clippings.

On this night, hundreds of thousands of these tiny boats will be cast into the waters and the sky will be filled with fireworks and floating lanterns 'khom loy'. These large balloon-like lanterns are released at temples,homes and along the waterfront in the hope that misfortune flies away with them.

As dusk falls, thousands of people, Thais and Tourists alike will maker their way to the waterfront to enjoy this unique "Festival of Light". Jomtien Beach offers a great location to enjoy these festivities.

As you approach the beach, you'll hear the sound of music coming from various stages punctuated by the sound of fireworks, There will be dozens of vendors selling beautiful "kratongs" for $2 or $3 US Dollars ...... and of course there will be Food EVERYWHERE!!

Once you settle in to your beach chair to enjoy the cool November breeze, you'll be in a front row seat for a spectacular light show that will go on from dusk to the wee hours of the morning. Vendors will be there to sell you food & Drink, fireworks, floating lanterns and kratongs to enable you to take part in the fun.

Thais & Farang (westerners), Gay & Straight, Couples and families all look forward to this special night.

Monday, October 31, 2011

The Pink Car Cocktail Bar

What do you get when you cross a Volkswagen Bus & Alcohol??

The Pink Car Cocktail Bar!

While not a Gay Bar, it is certainly a popular spot for gay visitors who enjoy a great cocktail at a reasonable price (and a handsome young Bartender!).

Boys Will be Ghouls

The Question Mark Bar held there 8th Anniversary & Halloween Party tonight. A large crowd enjoyed the buffet and live Entertainment.

Boys & Ghouls were out and about in a number of Bars in Jomtien Complex including these at X-Men.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pour House Halloween Video

The Pour House releases their first annual "Halloween Video" Enjoy!

The Pour House - located in the heart of exciting Jomtien Complex.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Ganymede Opens new Spa Wing

Ganymede Resort & Spa has announced the opening of their new "Spa Wing". Located above Themae Sauna, these seven additional room bring Ganymede Residence to a total of 19 Rooms.

All rooms feature Flat Screen TV's, Cable with 60+ channels, Free WiFi, In Room Safe, Mini Fridge and of course, are Air Conditioned.

Rates start as low as
700 Baht a night.

With the sudden influx of people displaced by the floods in
Bangkok, hotel occupancy has risen significantly over the past week throughout greater Pattaya / Jomtien Beach. Ganymede is at approximately 90% occupancy (as this is being posted) so a handful of rooms are still available. For booking information, go to their website

The new
Ganymede Resort Hotel is scheduled to open in early December. Located next to Ganymede Residence, this new property will feature 18 beautifully appointed rooms, elevator access and all the amenities you would expect in an upscale resort.

Upon it's opening, it will bring
Ganymede Resort & Spa to a total of 35 Rooms (with 16 more planned for 2012).

Included in all room rates is access to
Themae Sauna, where you can enjoy our Indoor Pool, Dry Sauna, Steam Room, Exercise Equipment or book in for a great massage!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Jomtien - High & (Relatively) Dry

Thailand is undergoing some of the worst flooding in history and the news is front & center on BBC, CNN and other International news outlets.

The news is dire for many parts of the country and we encourage everyone to donate whatever they can to flood relief efforts.

Jomtien Beach and Pattaya have been largely spared from this ongoing disaster.

In the past few days, there has been a major influx of visitors (presumably from Bangkok) staying at area hotels. Traffic coming from Bangkok is noticeably higher.

For those wishing to "bug out" from Bangkok, the good news is that there are still hotel rooms available here.

For International visitors, the airport is still open and routes to Pattaya are still clear. The Thai economy will take a major hit from this event, do your part visit Thailand soon!

Friday, October 21, 2011

A Taste of The Tropics - Zen Bar

Zen Cocktail Bar held their Grand Opening tonight, October 20, 2011. Despite the early evening rain, a good crowd turned up to welcome the newest addition to Jomtien's entertainment scene. 

Gentle Caribbean rhythms played through the sound system as the staff, dressed in bright tropical attire, served a myriad of alcoholic concoctions.

A Wide array of tempting cocktails are available

Beer, Wine, Mixed Drinks & Soft Drinks are also available

A bright, tropical feel to the new Zen Cocktail Bar

 Zen Bar is open nightly (except Tuesdays) and is located in the heart of exciting Jomtien Complex between The Venue and Question Mark Bar.

If you yearn for a taste of the tropics, Zen Cocktail Bar is the place to be. Now, where is my Daiquiri.....

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Grand Opening Party - Zen Bar

Zen Bar, will be holding their GRAND OPENING PARTY on Thursday, October 20th. Come check out this new cocktail bar located between Question Mark Bar & the Venue.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ganymede Residence is offering a special 20% discount to guests who are affected by the floods in the greater Bangkok area from now until October 25th.

Visit the Ganymede Website at or their Blog Site at

Discount available Oct 15th - 25th, 2011. Cannot be combined with any other discount. Offer limited to rooms available at time of booking. To get this rate, please mention "flood discount" when booking and checking in. Rate extended to Greater Bangkok Area Residents affected by the flooding.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Explore Gay Pattaya Map will be distributing their new complimentary "Explore Gay Pattaya" to various gay & gay friendly venues throughout the greater Pattaya area in the coming weeks.

The fold up map features the Jomtien Beach Area, Soi Day/ Night, Sunee Plaza, Boyztown & Pattayaland along with a listing of useful telephone numbers.

It is the most up to date local map of it's kind. Be sure and pick up your copy.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

AQ Boys Grand Opening Party

AQ Boys Bar is having their Grand Opening Party on Thursday, Oct 13th starting at 8pm. Check out this newly opened bar located in the heart of exciting Jomtien Complex!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pour House Blog Online

The Pour House, located across from the new Ganymede Resort & Spa, now has their own dedicated blog site. You can view it at

New Gym Equipment at Themae Sauna

Themae Sauna, part of Ganymede Resort & Spa has unveiled new Gym Exercise Equipment as part of their renovation and expansion.

Now, in addition to an Indoor Pool, Steam Room, Dry Sauna, Massage Rooms and Bar, you can tone yourself up with our Elliptical Trainer, Stationary Bicycle and Treadmill.

Indoor Pool is open Daily

Enjoy a Dry Sauna!

Admission to Themae Sauna is currently only 120 Baht. If you are staying at Ganymede, admission is complimentary.

Now is a great time to experience their upgraded facilities!